OpenAG Symposium 2021


2021 Symposium


How can agriculture combat climate change, improve biodiversity and address food security issues in the 21st century?

Global food systems are tasked with the complex challenge of satisfying the growing global food demand while encouraging the adoption of environmentally sustainable farming practices. On September 3rd, the Oxford India Centre for Sustainable Development (OICSD) based at the University of Oxford hosted the inaugural OpenAg Symposium in partnership with UPL.

The event explored ‘Food Futures in a Changing Climate’ ahead of the UN Food Systems Summit and COP26, bringing together a select group of leading academics, policymakers, industry figures, and NGO leaders from across the globe to address the social and environmental trade-offs and challenges posed by climate change in the area of agriculture. It drew on the world-class research at Oxford and other academic institutions and applied it to real world examples of global food security and agricultural sustainability.