The OpenAg Symposium 2022



Symposium 2022

Join us in reimagining the role of global agriculture on the path to Net Zero emissions

Agriculture has a vital role to play in global efforts to tackle climate change – both in reducing its own emissions and by sequestering greenhouse gases in agricultural soils. This is recognised by the 141 national leaders who pledged at COP26 to incentivise sustainable agriculture, promote sustainable land use transitions, and empowering local communities and indigenous peoples.

On 27 June, the Oxford India Centre for Sustainable Development (OICSD) will host the second OpenAg Symposium in partnership with UPL. The event will work towards carrying forward the conversation on the future of food and agriculture in a changing climate by exploring the role of agriculture in decarbonisation strategies on the path to net zero emissions.

By bringing together leaders, thinkers, and decision makers from across academia, government, industry, and NGOs, the event will examine the ways in which science and innovation can improve carbon sequestration practices, new regulation can enable the growth of carbon markets, financial support can incentivise the necessary changes, and media coverage can raise consumers awareness how their consumption patterns can support more sustainably agricultural practices. Together, we can meet this challenge by realising agriculture’s potential as a climate-positive industry on the path to Net Zero.


A summary of the inaugural OpenAg Symposium conference held on September 3, 2021.